Where do stock markets go from here?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

As we all are still thinking, Is the market in a recovery mode, or is it still going to take a big hit.

This market uncertainty is always going to be there, also we can't ignore the facts that we can currently witness in the market. Today Nifty closed at 11,308 points second-highest point nifty reached after the COVID 19 hit on 23 March 2020 with a closing of 7,610 points and the commodity markets touching peaks.

Russia leaving the mark of getting registered as the first nation to widely approve the COVID 19 vaccine after the 3rd stage human trials. The market has witnessed a high level of optimization leading to the biggest one day plunge in the gold prices after the strong sell in 2013. The global markets have a high correlation with the commodity markets as the US markets also witnessed a strong growth breaking the old marks and touching the peaks.

The business around the world is still suffering the loss of revenues and the situation seems to be getting worse as the rise in coronavirus cases, specifically in India. It can be said that some industries benefited from this pandemic, some are still recovering and some industries got shutdown. Only those companies survived & thrived who changed according to the time and situation.

The market has some stability as the markets dropped in the past weeks and recovered well. The government's stimulus packages keeping the markets stable, we are still evolving with the situation facing new changes as well as challenges. The coming year will be stressful as the pandemic has weakened the economy deep down, but also it has brought many opportunities for our country. Boost in the "Make in India' policy, which has benefited many domestic companies as the government's focus has shifted towards localization.

We all are fighting, evolving & still recovering but we will rise stronger than ever.

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